Sunday, September 23, 2012

"Our daughter has been abducted by these beige lunatics!"

I'll have a post up sometime tomorrow evening on my adventures in Cape Cod thus far, but I FINALLY saw Moonrise Kingdom this afternoon, and it entirely lived up to my expectations. What a ridiculous -yet intriguing! - little movie. Wes Anderson always does such great job of creating these complex settings, almost like little universes, for each of his films. One critic referred to Anderson's style as 'cinema-as-diorama.' Moonrise Kingdom may be my favorite Wes Anderson film yet, although it's definitely over the top. Some people might say that the film is entirely too based upon Anderson's previous kitschy formulas, and if the film hadn't featured such great actors in the lead roles, I might have had to agree. I found it very interesting how each of the characters in the film is struggling with the same issues, and yet react to Suzy and Sam's dilemma in wildly different ways. Overall, it was a very charming, quirky film that momentarily touches on deeper themes of loneliness and human connection.

You had me at 'Edward Norton as a scoutmaster.'

And I definitely want to be Suzy Bishop for Halloween, just for the blue eyeshadow alone!

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